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 Friends or relatives that care for a patient with a long term condition or disability are the unsung heros of the health service. This can have be lonely and have a detrimental impact on the carers health. It is important that you are aware that you are eligible for. Our practice is committed to identify and refer carers to the support organissations that are available. We have listed some below.


As part of the Local Authority and CCG’s continuing drive to support Carers (unpaid residents caring for someone with either a disability, illness or addiction to alcohol or drugs, the following  support services have been commissioned from April 2013.


  • Carers Rights, Information and Advocacy:  to provide advice, information and advocacy in the following areas: Welfare Rights, Housing Advice (including rent arrears, homelessness, repairs, possession proceedings and tenancy issues) and employment.  This service is provided by Crossroads Care West London.

Contact details: Tel: 020 8570 6963

  • Outreach Support service (for Carers of services users with Long term Conditions including dementia): specialist ongoing support service to carers in Hounslow who look after someone with a disability. This service is provided by INS (Integrated Neurological Services) in partnership with The Alzheimer’s Society, Ealing Mencap and Richmond Aid.

Contact details: Tel: 020 8755 4000 or email:

  • Peer Support and Training: will provide training to support Carers in their roles.  It will also provide peer support groups.  This service is provided by INS (Integrated Neurological Services).

Contact details: Tel: 020 8755 4000 or email:

  • Short Breaks:  will provide short breaks to Carers from their caring role both in their homes and through community based activities.  This service is provided by Crossroads Care West London and The Alzheimer’s Society.

Contact details:

Crossroads Care West London: 020 8728 7000 or break services based in the Carer’s home.

The Alzheimer’s Society: 020 8580 1057 or e-mail: Community based short break services.

Support is also available to Carers from the Local Authority. Examples of this support include

  • Carer vouchers and direct payments which eligible Carers can use to purchase support services to make their lives easier.
  • Carers emergency card: in the event that the Carer has an accident or is temporarily unable to care, an agreed plan is put into action

For further information, contact the Adult Access Team on 020 8583 3100; e-mail:


Crossroads – Children’s Services Brochure
Crossroads – Adult’s Services Brochure
Crossroads Self Referral Form
You can refer yourself to Crossroads, using this form.
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Carers Self Referral Form

Carers Self Referral Form
Advice and support is available for you, if you care for someone with a long term condition or disability who has care needs. You may complete this form for an assessment to be carried out.