West Middlesex Sexual Health Newsletter

The latest newsletter for West Middlesex Sexual Health Clinic is attached by clicking here – Sexual Health Services Newsletter October 2014

Friends and Family Test

September 2014 saw the roll out of the Friends and Family Test to Sexual Health Hounslow. The first results are in and the department received a new promoter score of 67 (response rate 26%). The net promoter score is described as the proportion of respondents who would be extremely likely to recommend minus the proportion of respondents who would not recommend the service, giving a score between minus 100 and plus 100.

A score of 67 is a positive reflection on the satisfaction of patients using the Sexual Health Hounslow service. Furthermore 94% of patients using our service would either extremely likely or likely to recommend us friends and family requiring the same type of service.

Training for health professionals

Working with Sexual Active Young People and Safeguarding Young People from Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Health Hounslow works with the local safeguarding children’s board (LSCB) to raise awareness amongst professionals and volunteers in Hounslow around sexual health. Following successful prosecutions in Derby, Oxford and more recently in Rotherham there has been a lot of focus on the lack of understanding around sexual health and sexual exploitation amongst professionals working with children and young people.

Sexual Health Hounslow is working with the LSCB to ensure workers have access to specific training to help combat this form of exploitation of young men and women and to raise awareness of the legal and safeguarding implications in working with sexually active young people. To book onto training please email LSCB@hounslow.gov.uk

Dates for 2014/15

Working with Sexually Active Children and Young People

16th December 2014 and 25th June 2015

Sexual Exploitation. Safeguarding Young People

2nd December 2014, 16th January 2015, 2nd April 2015, 12th June 2015

Brook Relationships and Sexual Health Practitioner

Claire Parker is Hounslow’s Relationship and Sexual Health Practitioner, working with vulnerable young men and women. Funded by the local authority and working in partnership with Sexual Health Hounslow and young people’s sexual health charity, Brook, Claire provides support, information and advocacy to young people identified as being at risk of teenage pregnancy, sexual exploitation, poor sexual health or taking significant risks with their sexual health. Young people identified as being at risk and consenting to support can be referred to Claire via Early Help Hounslow, 020 8583 6600 or earlyhelp@hounslow.gov.uk.

New staff join Sexual Health Hounslow

The summer has been a busy time for recruitment with a number of new appointments to our expanding Sexual Health Hounslow Team. Demi McCann, Chelsea Richardson and Natalie Lynsey have all recently started as sexual health nurses alongside Zoe Wiggins who has joined from Hillingdon. Lynn MacDonald also joins the team from Roehampton as a senior sexual health nurse. Netta Eskola and Bronwyn Waller join the team as sexual health technicians. Cassie Burton and Sangita Dhir also join the administration team.

In saying hello to new staff, we have had to say goodbye to some long standing members of the team, Liz Amah, sexual health nurse and Mala Hayat, administrator, both retired this summer after clocking up over 25 years of sexual health experience between them.