Pulling together the Better Care Fund

This is a report by Grant Thornton on the challenges of implimenting the Better Care Fund. You can download the report here, Key points are outlined below.



Funding & Planning Arrangements

All organisations need to understand the strength of  relationship with partners and  the impact that various cultural differences can have and the benefits to be gained from improving these relationships

HWBs (Health & Well Being Boards) and individual local authorities and CCGs need to consider how they can work more effectively together to deliver the BCF with NHS providers, primary care, the third sector and other health and social care providers

 Working Together

HWBs should be clear as to their roles and responsibilities in relation to the BCF

HWBs should review and evaluate their membership to ensure it is fit for purpose and enables them to effectively and efficiently govern the BCF

Performance management arrangements are needed to provide a credible mechanism to monitor and take corrective action as required