The principles of workforce integration

This guide by Skills for Care and Skills for Health has helpful advice, some of which we will implement for Great West Road locality to deliver a more integrated workforce.

You can download the whole document by clicking here principles-of-workforce-integration

The key principles are listed below.

Principle 1:

Successful workforce integration focuses on better outcomes for people with care and support needs

Principle 2:

Workforce integration involves the whole system

Principle 3:

To achieve genuine workforce integration, people need to acknowledge and overcome resistance to change and transition. There needs to be an acknowledgement of how integration will affect people’s roles and professional identities

Principle 4:

A confident, engaged, motivated, knowledgeable and properly skilled workforce supporting active and engaged communities is at the heart of workforce integration

Principle 5:

Process matters—it gives messages, creates opportunities, and demonstrates the way in which the workforce is valued

Principle 6:

Successful workforce integration creates new relationships, networks and ways of working. Integrated workforce commissioning strategies give each of these attention, creating the circumstances in which all can thrive.

Integrated Workforce image