Supporting patients to access online NHS resources

There has been a drive to make more healthcare services available online. A workshop at The Kings Fund share ideas on how we can support patients access online services. Simon Stevens CEO of NHS, said ‘Those who do access health services are less likely to be online’

We need to ensure that we help and support patients get online. Here are some of key resources. 

The government Digital Inclusion strategy is outlined here

Pic Gov DIgital Inclusion Strategy

The Mayors Office has responsibility for reducing health inequalities. Variation in patients having online access and using health & social care resources widens inequality. 

GLA Health Targets

The Mayors Office recognises this and has a digital inclusion strategy for London

Pic Internet Use by London

Tinder Foundation helps with online resources, training and hardware for patients. 

Pic Tinderfoundation

This is a really useful website which allows you to make shared decision with your doctor, it allows you to evaluate your options in your own time and have an informed discussion with your doctor. This allows you to compare options, take account of your values, evluate tradeoffs and help you come to an informed decision.

Decision Aid

NHS Choices has some advice and information on pilots where digital inclusion has been successfully implemented

Pic NHS Choices