Changes to Ealing maternity and interdependent services confirmed

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Changes to Ealing maternity and interdependent services confirmed

 At its meeting in public on Wednesday 20 May 2015, Ealing CCG’s Governing Body confirmed that the closure of the maternity unit should be completed on 1 July 2015.  As well as the timing of the closure, the Governing Body discussed the planned improvements to community provision of antenatal and postnatal care in the borough of Ealing and the impact of the decision on paediatrics, neonatology and gynaecology.  In summary the changes to those services will be as follows:


No change to existing paediatric services until June 2016 

Introduction of a new Rapid Access Clinic at Ealing Hospital

Paediatric inpatients will transition on 30 June 2016


Neonatal care will be relocated to the six remaining neonatal units in NW London

Changes will take place at the same time as the maternity transition


All gynaecology services will remain at Ealing Hospital

More senior clinical cover during core hours (changing from 9am-1pm to 9am-5pm on weekdays) and also cover on weekends (from zero hours to 9am-1pm) in Ealing’s Emergency Gynaecology Unit

Out-of-hours, emergency gynaecology consultant cover will be provided at Northwick Park

The timetable for the changes is as follows

Last  induction at Ealing hospital  and Maternity unit closes to all new admissions (24 June)

Last elective C-section  at Ealing hospital (25 June)

Ealing divert spontaneous deliveries & babies to other providers (24 June onwards)

All babies discharged from Ealing neonatal unit (29 June)

All mothers discharged from Ealing maternity unit (1 July)

Final closure of labour ward, birth centre and neonatal unit at Ealing (1 July)

Last group of staff to transfer will be neonatal nurses, medical team, the reduced number of staff on labour ward, birth centre and postnatal staff (1 July)

2 July onwards

Maternity transitional team stay on Ealing site for 24 hours post closure

All women requiring transfer will be relocated back to their receiving trust if it safe to do so

Ealing Hospital open for service with all other receiving units for antenatal outpatient appointments.


We will be sending practices a number of materials to assist them with their conversations with women including a new Giving birth in North West London Booklet setting out the choices available to them. Also attached is an FAQ being provided to GPs and midwifes to aid them in conversations with women.


A press release announcing the decision has been placed on each CCG website and we will be carrying out a wide spread communication exercise to providers, and political and partner stakeholders to let them know of the outcome of the meeting.  This will be followed by more bespoke communication and engagement to targeted audiences, including the women at Ealing Hospital affected.

At the heart of this work is the desire to improve maternity care in North West London. We believe these important but difficult changes will do so.  We would like to thank staff, governing body members and our partners in our NWL hospitals and beyond for all their hard work and commitment in delivering this important change.

Changes to maternity and interdependent services at Ealing Hospital FAQ