Transforming our health care system – Kings Fund Report

Here is a document by the Kings Fund which outlines the 10 things that commissioners can do help transform healthcare.

Kings Fund 10 Priorities

The organisations commissioning health services in England changed radically in April 2013. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are now responsible for the majority of the NHS budget, controlling around £69 billion in 2015/16. Public health budgets of £2.8 billion have transferred to local authorities (although this figure does not take into account the in-year budget cuts to the public health grant of £200 million announced in June 2015, or the funding that will flow to local authorities due to the transfer of significant NHS responsibilities from October 2015). NHS England is responsible for commissioning primary care (£12 billion) and specialised services (£15 billion), largely through its 4 regional teams and the sub-regions that sit beneath them. As of April 2015, in most parts of the country NHS England shares these responsibilities with CCGs through co-commissioning arrangements, although the extent of delegation varies between CCGs. Health and wellbeing boards, convened by local authorities, are intended to play a key role in coordinating the activities of these commissioners, although their effectiveness is dong so seems variable (Humphries and Galea 2013). Commissioning support units provide a range of services to CCGs and NHS England to help them perform effectively.

Kings Fund - 10