Dementia Liaison Services

There is a dementia services available for Hounslow residents.

The document can be downloaded here.Hounslow dementia liaison leaflet for professionals V2

We are a small team of three dementia nurse specialists who are based either in West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH) or the community with on-going support from a dedicated part-time liaison psychiatric consultant, with cover provided by Hounslow Liaison Psychiatry Services.

The inpatient Dementia Liaison Service supports patients with cognitive difficulties who are admitted to WMUH who live within the London Borough of Hounslow or have been discharged within the past 30 days. Our aim is to improve diagnostic rates of dementia and enhance patient care whilst creating a supportive pathway for patients and carers through to the community.

We also provide training and clinical support to professionals within WMUH so they can enhance their care for dementia patients with current support structures. We input with dementia liaison nurses based in the community to provide consistency and avoid loss of follow up.

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