Changes to podiatry services for diabetics

Nail cutting for people with Diabetes – Information for patients

The Royal College of Podiatry diabetes-and-your-feet-a5-24pp advise that there is no reason why people with diabetes at low risk of developing foot complications cannot cut their own toenails. If you have Diabetes, can reach your toenails and can see well enough, you can cut your own toenails.

If you cannot reach your toenails or see well enough to see them, a relative or a carer should be able to help you with this. If this is not possible Age UK in Hounslow provides an affordable nail cutting service. Please contact;

Telephone 020 8560 6969

If you DO NOT have nerve damage/and or reduce blood supply this is how to

take care of your own nails


 Cut them every 6-8weeks when they have grown beyond your toes

 Get a pair of nail clippers and an emery board from your pharmacy

 Trim your nails following the shape of you toe

 Use the emery board to take off rough edges


 Don’t use anything sharp to clean down the side and edges of nails. This can damage the nail or cause an ingrowing toenail

 Cutting down the sides of nails or cutting them very short can damage them

 If you have an ingrowing toenail or you think you have a nail infection (easily broken, thick or discoloured nails), don’t try treating it yourself. See your podiatrist, nurse or GP.

How do I know if I have damage to my nerves and/or reduce blood flow?

 Damage to the nerves causes changes in your feet such as pain, less sweating, numbness, hard skin, feet may look hot and red to the touch.

If this is the case, please contact your GP so as yo can be referred to diabetic service.

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