Aged 14-19 and finding it hard to maintain your weight? Join our new programme.

Aged 14 to 19?

Are you feeling tired, having difficulty concentrating, breaking out in spots or

acne – maybe experiencing bad breath, body odour or mood swings?

Are you finding it difficult to maintain a healthy weight?

If so then the Confident YOU programme maybe for you.

Confident YOU is an 8-week Programme for 14 to19 year old’s.

Delivered by Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, it is designed to help

young people make new friends, feel good about the way you look, feel

good about what you achieve in school, feel more active and fitter, make

smart choices about your well-being, smile confidently and make positive

changes whilst learning how to achieve your goals

The Confident YOU programme can help YOU make the right choices so

you can feel more in control.

Want to know more about the programme or see if the programme is right

for you?


Tel: 020 8973 3530