GP, 5 year forward view

This article outlines the 5 year forward view for general practice (GP). We have made some infographics and videos to help share the key messages.

published in October 2014 by NHS. It outlines the reasons behind the challenges that the NHS faces in the next few years and some potential solutions.

There is an increase in demand with increasing treatment options, increasing patient expectations and funding shortfalls.

Subsequently, we have to work to ensure that the delivery of care is more efficient with increasing productivity. Significantly, health inequality has widened and, more work needs to be done on prevention.

5 Year Forward Chap 1

New relationship with patients

The 5 year forward view outlines the new relationship that the NHS needs to have with patients. This needs to be a more meaningful relationship where we work more proactively, with groups of patients.

This can be for primary and secondary prevention. Secondly, we need to support people with employment as this is a major determinant of poor health. In our opinion, prevention is not optional. It needs to be a core of GP.

5YFV - Chapter 2

New models of care

The 5 year forward view outlines potential models for providers including General Practice (GP). Different models of delivering care have evolved.

There have not been many examples of vertical integration, ie hospitals merging with general practice. We believe that this is the model that could potentially offer the best way of delivering improved care for patients for the system as as whole. Furthermore, it would help accelerate delivery of integrated care. 

5Year Forward View Chap 3

What now in 2023?

There has been some progress with the landmark 5 year forward view since 2014. However, there is still some way to go. There has been the unexpected challenge of COVID and now the cost of living crisis. We feel the outline of challenges is similar now to the ones outlined in 2014. If anything they are even more important with increasing waiting lists and evidence of more health inequalities.

We feel the potential solutions outlined in the 5 Year Forward View are also correct, but more needs to be done to implement this locally. We share our attempts to do this in Hounslow.

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