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More support needs to be made available to support mental health at work

Access to mental health support at work needs to improve. A report by Department of health to improve access to mental health services in 2015. Download it here  DoH – mental-health-access. 

We have made an infographic, outlining the report, below.

This report shows what action the government is taking to provide better access to care in mental health services within the next year, including national waiting time standards for the first time. It also sets out its vision for further progress by 2020.

Poor mental health is common, affecting 25% of adults and 10% of children in 2015. The numbers are much higher now, given COVID and the cost of living crisis. 

Closing the gap for mental health

Mental health problems are the largest single cause of disability, representing a quarter of the
national burden of ill-health, and are the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK.

In No Health Without Mental Health and Closing the Gap, the Government set out its commitment to achieving parity of esteem for mental health.

Timely access to services and then for treatment is one of the most obvious gaps in parity – whilst there are waiting time standards for physical health services, for mental health services, these standards simply don’t exist.

This plan sets out the immediate actions we will take this year and next to end this disparity and achieve better access to mental health services and our vision for further progress by 2020.

The recent challenges with COVID pandemic and the cost of living crisis have exacerbated to pressure on mental health services. We will be sharing our ideas on how we can make a difference.

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