2 Healthy Bodies


What we put in our bodies is so important


Exercise is the route to a healthy body


Making a plan to manage your health

why we do it


Say hi to the Barkers and their journey to improve their diet and exercise, as a family. The videos have short tips for help you improve your diet or exercise. They are divided into where you are in thinking about making a start in your diet or exercise. On your marks – where you are just thinking about things. Get set – planning and getting things in place. Go – when you actually make a start. Finally keep it up – to continue with the good work you are doing. Pick the ones that suit you, or sign up to our newsletter and we will send you the right video to you at the right time.


need to change?

so make a plan…

go for it…

And maintain it!


need to change?

so Make a plan…

go, for it…

and maintain it!

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