What is sexual health?

A fascinating guide to quick understanding and discussion Sexual health is much, much more than awkward conversations about sex. Even hearing the words ‘Sexual health’ may make your body feel uncomfortable and your throat close up. Embarrassing memories of having “talks” with your parents about private parts might jump into your mind. Even the thought … Continue reading What is sexual health?

Sexual health and STI testing

shame is a real shame 4% sounds like a low percentage in the grand scheme of things. But what if the phrase ‘of the UK population living with HIV’ is added to the end of it? Now that creates a different story. 4% of people in the UK that have an HIV diagnosis are from … Continue reading Sexual health and STI testing

West Middlesex Sexual Health Newsletter

The latest newsletter for West Middlesex Sexual Health Clinic is attached by clicking here - Sexual Health Services Newsletter October 2014 Friends and Family Test September 2014 saw the roll out of the Friends and Family Test to Sexual Health Hounslow. The first results are in and the department received a new promoter score of … Continue reading West Middlesex Sexual Health Newsletter