Is your child under 5 and at risk of being overweight?

Do you have a child under 5? Do you or anyone else have concerns that your child is at risk of becoming overweight? Would you like to: • reduce mealtime stress? • enjoy being active as a family more often? • encourage your child away from the screens and TV? • see your child eat [...]

Calling all families of 5-13 year olds!

Want to improve your lifestyle? Then why not join the Change4life family programme! Do you feel your or your children are affected by the following? - Feeling tired or sluggish - Having no routine - Mood swings or temper tantrums - Fussy eating habits - Poor oral hygiene - Poor posture - Poor skin, spots [...]

Aged 14-19 and finding it hard to maintain your weight? Join our new programme.

Aged 14 to 19? Are you feeling tired, having difficulty concentrating, breaking out in spots or acne - maybe experiencing bad breath, body odour or mood swings? Are you finding it difficult to maintain a healthy weight? If so then the Confident YOU programme maybe for you. Confident YOU is an 8-week Programme for 14 [...]