COVID-19 Mins Series webinars


during COVID


19 mins


Following a patient survey during COVID, we found that many patients were interested in coming to webinars.


Because patients wanted us to run webinars from a variety of topics including cooking and wellness.

Resulting in

These were really popular and a way for us to connect with our patients during the pandemic.

One of the things some of you said you were interested in was online sessions on a variety of different topics – some of them addressing medical concerns relating to Coronavirus but some giving advice and tips on staying well mentally and physically during these tricky times.

Following this feedback, we introduced ‘COVID-19 Mins’ – our series of webinars and smaller workshops on different topics. See our schedule of events below and register for those that might interest you…

But don’t worry if you miss them – the webinars will all be available for you to watch afterwards here (the workshops are not recorded)…

COVID-19 Mins: Diet & exercise for busy people


COVID-19 Mins: High blood pressure

COVID-19 Mins: At risk of diabetes 

COVID-19 Mins: Technology and healthcare

COVID-19 Mins: Exercise for the over 65s 

COVID-19 Mins: Cooking Tips

COVID-19 Mins: Kids Coronavirus Q & A

COVID-19 Mins: Mindfulness

COVID-19 Mins: Pregnancy

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