Doing things differently: what is a Virtual Group Consultation?

Ever heard of a VGC? Read on to find out more…

Ever since COVID19 struck, GP surgeries have had to do things a little differently, to avoid the spread of the virus. So you may have noticed we offer more access through online messaging and telephone appointments. But what is a VGC? Well, it stands for Virtual Group Consultation. It’s when you speak to your GP or other clinician to discuss your health, but done online, on your computer, smartphone or tablet. You’ll be in a small group of other patients with the same issues. You can discuss your own condition as normal, but you’ll also be able to discuss with peers who will understand what you’re going through – if you want to.

Take a look at this video which explains a bit more about what to expect from a VGC…

If you and your GP think it would help you to have a group consultation like this, you’ll be invited you to join one, when it’s convenient for you.

Remember, when you join a VGC, you are agreeing to keep other people’s information confidential.

Enjoy them!

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