Hiyos Live

What is hiyos live?

Straight Talk

Getting to the heart of the matter.

Newspapers. Articles. Friends’ opinions. Online forums. When it comes to your wellbeing, you need something more. You want to hear from the experts.

Hiyos Live puts tough questions to those in the know, starting honest conversations about what’s really going on when it comes to the social, mental and physical issues affecting your health.

On point

Our webinars give you the information you need, delivered at the right time, in a way that makes sense.

About you

They’re your chance to put questions to the experts, share your personal stories and speak out about what matters most to you.

Right now

They will be streamed on social media and available to watch afterwards, any time to suit you.

Why do we do it?

make a difference

Improve health

have fun

What do we cover?

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