Hiyos Philosophy


At Hiyos we believe in equality.  Opportunities we’re given in life, choices we make, the support we receive: they all have a huge impact on our physical, mental and social health.

Sadly not everyone gets the same opportunities, choices and support. We’re passionate about tackling those health inequalities. 

Areas where we, at Hiyos, feel we can make a difference are:




It goes without saying that our kids are our future.

It’s such a big part of our lives and wellbeing

It’s all around us and has a deep impact on us.

what do we do?

At Hiyos we don’t simply react to patients’ needs. We reach out to people in every community.

We provide a direct responsive service to patients, through our practice, but at the same time proactively educate, inform and entertain people in areas of life they need support in, through our live channel. We live out this philosophy in two ways – through our practice and liver webinars. Which would you like to explore?

How do we do it?

By fostering new ideas and ways of doing things
By working in a learning environment
By evaluating impact with research partners