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HIYOS Student Ambassadors


We rolled out an engaging and interactive webinar programme for students, tapping into the trends and themes that they felt were important. Hiyos Student Ambassadors (HSAs) are students who engage with their school community and give us feedback on which topics they want.

We had a lot of help from our student ambassadors to help us deliver what the schools need.


Students were selected following an essay competition. They got to do a unique form of work experience.


They worked with the practice, students and teachers. They helped with content and delivery.

Kingsley Academy

Meet Nesilla….from Kingsley Academy

I was extremely excited when I found out that Hiyos selected my essay. I found out about it through my school and thought it was a great opportunity to grab. Over the weeks, I experienced a lot of things like learning and completing tasks in different departments. I got to explore the difficulties and how we can handle them. As people say ‘change begins at the end of your comfort zone’.

This work experience has helped me build up my confidence and leadership skills among a group of people. It was also great to work together with another ambassador from my school. We had different ideas to conduct surveys for the topics the students were interested in. The GP members also delivered amazing sessions which were really helpful for students from Yr 10,11 and 12.

Thank you so much to the GP members for their support and advice. I really appreciated it!

And Anicia, also from Kingsley Academy

I’m one of the Hiyos Student Ambassadors from Kingsley. I really enjoyed this work experience. It helped me improve my communication skills and take responsibility. For this work experience Hiyos asked me to come up with ideas/topics for webinars and involve all the other students (Years 10, 11 and 12) from my school.

So I did surveys involving all of the other year group students. These ideas/topics were then shared with the local GP. Then we had to book a day for the GP members to deliver the sessions on the webinars to the other year groups, particularly Years 10, 11 and 12.

Heathland school

From the Heathland School: Sia

Hearing about this amazing opportunity in form time was exciting. Having chats with the members of the GP practice gave me an insight of how GPs work. Also it showed me how helpful they are to the community. Not only do they help cure people, but they provide and care deeply for people to make sure everyone is coping well.

Hiyos asked us to contribute our ideas and come up with different topics for webinars to showcase at our school. We aimed our first webinar at Year 10 and it was successful as it was about dealing with health and anxiety during covid which is a very relevant topic. It was very educational and helpful for our peers and teachers. The questions answered in the webinar were sent in by our peers.

Our aim is to create more webinar for years 7-11 to provide information about medical roles and professions that are perhaps sometimes overlooked. I am sure that this will be very educational for Year 8 students. It has also provided me with transferable skills such as communication, listening and being creative. Overall, my experience so far has been amazing. I’m looking forward to sharing more ideas from the voices of Heathland students.

And also from Heathland School, Alisha…

My experience with the Hiyos GP Practice as a student ambassador has been eye-opening. As one of the ambassadors, I have been able to take part in meetings with employers in the GP. We discuss the well being of society and how the current situation has impacted people of all ages. I’ve learned about why it’s important to take care of your mental health through a webinar we organised and how you are able to do that.

I have developed more confidence and feel able to share my opinions on what the webinars should be about. One of the webinars we have discussed is mental health and anxiety in covid and how this affects people like me. I had a chance to ask peers what questions they have about this topic and bring it forward to the GP’s attention. They then delivered a webinar on this topic to all of Year 10 which was very useful.

One of our future webinars will be showcasing the different jobs in the NHS and how there’s much more to medicine than just doctors. There are many people behind the scenes, and this webinar will show how each one of these jobs are just as important. My work with the Hiyos GP Practice has been an enjoyable and exciting time.

The staff are very friendly and encouraging on sharing our ideas. They are a group of people whom I trust. I thank them a lot for creating a project which provides young people with a voice and recognises the impact of today’s challenging society on our mental and physical health. I recommend this program to students looking to develop transferable skills and gain experience with employers in the healthcare industry.

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