How do I get a GP appointment?

At HIYOS we offer lots of appointments for GPs and other clinicians. We’ve got some amazing staff. We know it’s tough at present and we work really hard to help. We take up to 400 calls between 8-10 am but don’t worry! There are plenty of people on hand, so you won’t be waiting long. We are waiting for your call.

GP appointments

Here are the options on the telephone, when you call.

Option 1: GP appointments, between 0800-1000
2: prescriptions, between 0800-1000
3: test results and sick notes between 0800-1000
4: referrals 0800-1830
5: other enquiries 0800-1830

If you call option 1, You would first speak to a Care Navigator who will ask 3 questions, what is the matter, how long have you had it and what have you tried? Then that Care Navigator speaks to a GP who will look through your medical notes, letters, test results and medication. We will make a suggestion of what to do next which could be a face-to-face appointment, where a GP will phone or arrange a video consultation the same morning. We may arrange investigations. Usually we action everything that needs to be done on the same day.

Other appointments

We offer a range of other appointments including asthma reviews, smear tests, and diabetic checks. Nurse appointments such as dressings and immunisations can be booked too. Just give us a call at any time to book in, option 5 until 1830.

Blood tests

Needles can be scary things, but blood can give a lot of answers to help clinicians determine the next steps. Our care navigators will book an appointment which is suitable for the blood test that you are having, for example, an early morning blood test would be used for a fasting blood test.