How do you monitor your asthma?



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Why monitor?

By tracking your asthma symptoms, it helps monitor how well your asthma is controlled. This helps to work out what medicine to take, and when. 

This helps improve asthma control, and reduce exacerbations. 

What should you look out for?

If any of your asthma symptoms are getting worse. This might include:

  • Night cough or wheeze 
  • Symptoms affecting sports 
  • Reduced peak flow
  • Using reliever inhaler more than usual

How can you use a peak flow to monitor your asthma?

A peak flow is a device that you can keep at home, and it is easy to learn how to use. 

It measures the ‘puff’ you are able to expel from your lungs. 

This is very useful because we know that the peak flow reading can be reduced in asthmatics, and the number can vary throughout the day, or when exposed to specific triggers. 

The GP will ask you to keep a diary for a specified time (usually a week), and go through the readings with you.  

You can buy your own peak flow from a pharmacy or online. There are child and adult sizes available. 

Recording your peak flow helps you know your medicines are working. It can also give you an early warning of when your asthma is not so good. 

Knowing your best score helps you know when you’re managing the asthma well. 

It is recommended to check your peak flow twice a day, at the same time each day, before you taking your medicines, and using the same peak flow meter. 

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