How do I get my NHS prescription?

NHS prescriptions, medications, tablets, repeats. They mean the same thing. Acute medication is a medication that you have once. Repeat medication is a prescription you have regularly. Surprisingly, there are plenty of ways you can request your medication.

At HIYOS, your repeat NHS prescriptions may take up to two days to turn around, but not to fear because usually, they’re much quicker – within a few hours. Do try to plan ahead and order in plenty of time. If you find yourself out of your medications and we are closed, you can speak to your usual pharmacy and ask for an emergency supply or give a call to or if you are really stuck at the weekend you can call 111 or check out their website. It is best to order in plenty of time to avoid all that stress.

Online services:

Time needed: 1 day.

How to register for ordering your medication online

  1. Register for online services

    Either come into the practice or call us any time between 0800-1830 Monday to Friday and press option 5. We will carry some checks and will send you a username and password to your mobile or email. If you need access for an account for a child or someone you are a carer for, then our staff will be able to help you through this process.

  2. Activate your account

    Check your mobile / email and activate your account. Log into your account.

  3. Log in

    Use your username and your password to log in. You can click on forgotten password if you have forgotten your password and you can change this. Please do not share this with anyone and ensure that your password is secure. log in screen

  4. Go to online medication section

    Go to the areas heighliged in yellow in the image below to order your medication. Your medication should be listed. You can only nhs prescription that is on your repeat medication list. If you are stable on your current medication, we usually have 2 months of medication with 6 repeats. This would last a year, after which you need a review. If your nhs prescription is not available to order, you may need a review. Online medication Request

  5. Text message confirmation

    We usually send you a text message confirmation when your nhs prescription has been sent to your nominated pharmacy.

  6. If you get stuck

    Just give us a call between 0800-1000 Monday to Friday and choose the option for nhs prescriptions and our clinical pharmacists and or GPs will be able to help.

Repeat dispensing

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if your nhs prescription went straight to your pharmacy, automatically? Well, you’re in luck, we have a service called ‘repeat dispensing’ which will do just that. We’ll send your nhs prescription directly to your pharmacy. That’s 6 batches of prescriptions of monthly or two montly prescriptions in one go. No need to ask the practice or order online. Just pick them up from the pharmacy when they are due.

If this sounds like a good idea, you can contact the practice anytime and arrange a call between 0800-1000 Monday to Friday, with our clinical pharmacist. They can discuss if repeat dispensing would work for you.


The pharmacy is not just a place just for collecting your nhs prescription. It can also be where you can get advice on minor illnesses such as colds, fungal nail infections and more. The pharmacy is actually the best place that you can go for this.

Do I have to pay? FAQs

What are NHS prescription costs?

The NHS ultimately is a free service, but there is a charge for NHS prescriptions and at present it’s £9.35. This is a subsided cost of the drugs, and the NHS will still pay most of the prescription charge, but it just needs a little from you. There are some exceptions such as contraception and inpatient hospital prescriptions.
You may be entitled to free prescriptions if you meet the following:
– If you are pregnant
– You have long term medical conditions such as diabetes.
– Claiming certain benefits.
If you find yourself to be purchasing more than two prescriptions a month you might find buying a PPC (prescription prepayment certificate) to be a useful way of spending less money on prescriptions. There are 3 months and 12-month options which you should select on what best suits you.

What are Private prescription costs?

In the UK the NHS is free however if you find yourself in need of private prescription the cost is truly dependent on the medication that you are seeking.
One of the questions that we receive a lot about is how much a private prescription for antibiotics costs? And unfortunately, it is not something that we can really answer. It depends on why you need the antibiotics, what antibiotic will you need etc. You will find that private pharmacies and other services would be best to answer you in this regard but please ensure that you speak to a medical professional doing anything.