COVID-19 Mins Series – Register for our webinars and workshops!

One of the things some of you said you were interested in was online sessions on a variety of different topics – some of them addressing medical concerns relating to Coronavirus but some giving advice and tips on staying well mentally and physically during these tricky times.

COVID-19 Mins is our series of webinars and smaller workshops on different topics – See our schedule of events below and register for those you might be interested in…


COVID-19 Mins: GP Practice Work Experience Webinar for students: 29 April 12 noon

But don’t worry if you miss them – the webinars will all be available for you to watch afterwards here (the workshops are not recorded)…

COVID-19 Mins: Asthma (20th April)

(Webinar recording coming soon)

COVID-19 Mins: Coping with isolation – A chat with a real life nuclear submarine Lieutenant Commander (18 April)

COVID-19 Mins: Exercise advice (17th April)

(Webinar recording coming soon)

COVID-19 Mins: Q and A update (10th April)

COVID-19: New Diabetics (9 April)

COVID-19 Day in the life of a Physician Associate (9 April)

COVID-19 Mins: Diet and exercise for busy people (8 April)

COVID-19 Mins: COPD (8 April)

COVID-19 Mins: High blood pressure (8 April)


COVID-19 Mins: At risk of diabetes (8 April)


COVID-19 Mins: Technology and healthcare (8 April)

COVID-19 Mins: Exercise for the over 65s (8 April)

COVID-19 Mins: Cooking Tips (3 April)

COVID-19 Mins: Kids Coronavirus Q & A (3 April)

COVID-19 Mins: Mindfulness (3 April)

COVID-19 Mins: Pregnancy (1 April)