Postnatal depression

It’s not all bundles of joy for new mums

A new baby. New chapter. Massive change. The happiest days of your life… right? Not everyone feels that way.

You often hear about the joys of parenthood, get shown pictures of cute babies to convince you of the same. You’re thrown the small caveat of sleepless nights, but you’re told it’s all worth it. Yet, there are days when many new mums don’t feel that way.

Feelings of postnatal depression are more common than you think

You may start to experience feelings such as:

  • sadness
  • agitation 
  • emptiness

 (Mind, 2020).

Many new mums experiencing these feelings try to push them aside. They pretend that they’re fine and enjoying this time. But the truth is painfully different. These are only a few of the symptoms of one of the most common postnatal mental health problems new mums face. (Public Health England, 2019). These feelings of sadness, agitation and emptiness are perfectly normal to feel. They’re symptoms of postnatal depression (Mind, 2020).

Support for new mums

There are new mums all across the country struggling with these feelings. Up to 1 in 5 mothers experience mental health problems during pregnancy or within a year after they’ve given birth (Russell, 2017).

“I felt selfish and guilty for feeling negative and low. This made me isolate myself further and compounded the problem”

anonymous mother (Mind 2020)

But postnatal depression is normal. And it can be treated. From talking to your GP, to connecting with mothers like yourself in peer support groups; you can find the help and support that works for you. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing postnatal depression, please visit Mind’s support and services to learn where you can seek help (Mind, 2020).

Know that you’re not alone.


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Mind (2020)Postnatal depression and perinatal mental health support and services

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