Chronic Illness


Chronic illnesses – sometimes known as long term conditions – can be anything from physical (e.g. COPD(293) COPD – YouTube) to mental (e.g. depression). It’s important and one of the main roles of the GP to ensure that we keep in contact with you to ensure every part of you is in tip top shape, when you have a chronic illness. We want you to remain as healthy as you can! Your GP might contact you every three months, six months or even every year. Every condition will have a different review that may need to be taken place.

An example of an in person review would be an asthma review. In an asthma review, we will measure your breathing with a peak flow metre, check your inhaler technique and ensure that the inhalers that you are taking are appropriate for you. An example of a telephone review may be a mental health review. In that we would just be checking up on how are you are, if the medication is working well and if there is anything else that we and yourself can do to help.

Please don’t wait for us however, if you feel as if your symptoms are worsening please give us a call and we can arrange whatever you may need 🙂

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