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Our top tips on keeping a healthy mind

It has been a pretty difficult time for us all in the last few years. Winter is coming and we expect this one to be difficult for many. Our staff and other experts will share their insights on how to stay ‘mentally fit’ and what to do if you need some extra help.

Recent years, what with the pandemic and everything, have made it increasingly difficult to keep healthy minds. So what can we do to improve our mental health? There are plenty of life events which can affect the way we think and feel. Having a baby, being stressed at school, our employment status, working from home, grief.

Luckily, we’ve tonnes of resources here, which should be able to guide you through all aspects of a healthy mind. From gardening for mental health, to mental exercises you can do to stay sharp and happy. Fitness isn’t just about our cardiovascular and muscular selves, as you’ll find out, it’s about how we train our brains too.

What do do when things aren’t right
A few videos on improving your mental fitness

More useful reading on mental wellness…

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