Is your child under 5 and at risk of being overweight?

Do you have a child under 5?

Do you or anyone else have concerns that your child is at risk of becoming overweight?

Would you like to:

• reduce mealtime stress?

• enjoy being active as a family more often?

• encourage your child away from the screens and TV?

• see your child eat more fruit and vegetables?

Free sessions at Hounslow Children Centres

Alf Kings (Feltham) 020 8583 3922

Bedfont 020 8583 5581

Brentford 020 8583 5760

Chiswick 020 8583 5603

Cranford 020 8583 5590

“I would recommend this course to anyone with young children. It has become a vital tool in my life!”

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Building Great West Road Locality Hounslow.

Here is a summary of the meeting that we had which involved GPs, Practice nurses, managers, district nurses, community matrons, care navigator and mental health. It was a lively afternoon with some challenging and thought provoking issues.

The key take home messages

  1. We have some amazing people in our locality.
  2. We need to get on at least try things for ourselves, rather than waiting for others.
  3. Develop leadership and key areas for development.
  4. Engage staff (clinical and non clinical) and patients.

We have identified some of the key areas and will develop them in the next few weeks.

Here is a summary of what was discussed. This will help us not only to deliver the evening and weekend working but also have the building blocking for more collaborative working. Building GWR Locality

Falls Booklet

This helpful resource has useful advice and contacts to help you to remain fit and well. 

Falls Booklet – final version July 2013

Falls Booklet Pic

Falling is not an inevitable result of ageing, but the risk of falling does increase as people get older. A fall may be the result of a simple trip. If this is the case, the environment needs to be looked at, to reduce hazards such as wet and slippery floors, loose rugs and poor lighting.

Often in the elderly, a fall may be caused by a combination of several things. It is a common problem that can lead to disability, but you can reduce your risk by keeping mobile and carrying out regular, safe activity to remain independent. Exercises to strengthen your muscles and to improve your coordination and balance are one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of falling. Eating well, keeping fit and looking after your bones are also important. This booklet focuses on the different factors which influence balance and lead to falls but please speak to a healthcare professional if you are concerned about falling. Always report a fall to your GP, as they may recommend that a healthcare professional carries out a falls risk assessment in your home. The aim of the assessment is to minimise the chance of falling again by investigating all the potential factors putting you at risk, eg your safety in the home.

Useful links

»» (Prevention of falls network Europe)












Falls Contacts 1

Falls Contacts 2