Local leadership, new approaches. How communities are delivering improved health.

This document outlines examples of how health and social care are collaborating. The full document can be downloaded here.Local Leadership, new approaches The job of improving the population’s wellbeing and preventing premature mortality starts locally. It starts in people’s neighbourhoods and communities. It is done by local leaders working together, across health and local government, [...]

Join our weekly integrated care newsletter in 2015

Happy New Year! We hope to improved integrated care in 2015 with better integration. A lot going on, so join our newsletter for Great West Road Locality in Hounslow. We will share advice and tips and would welcome thoughts and views from patients, healthcare professionals and social workers. Just click on the link here. http://eepurl.com/bamNMD

Outcomes & actions of integrated care meeting in GWR, hounslow

Here is a summary of our Great West Road locality (Hounslow) integrated care meeting discussed on the 9th December 2014. It was a short but productive meeting. Outlined below. Brief recap of WSIC (Whole System Integrated Care) and discuss outcomes of the Simulation event – discussed ways in which we can access advice from the providers for [...]