MHRA Drug Alert. Tixylix

Novartis Consumer Health UK Ltd have been alerted to a potential manufacturing fault with the tamper seal on some Tixylix® liquid medicines which might result in small pieces of plastic being found in the medicine. This potential defect only affects specific batches of Tixylix manufactured from Oct 2012 onwards and as a precautionary measure these [...]

Important information for women about risks of blood clots with combined contraceptives

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR WOMEN ABOUT RISK OF BLOOD CLOTS WITH COMBINED HORMONAL CONTRACEPTIVESYou can download this advice from the MHRA Symtoms of DVT on Combined ContraceptionAll combined hormonal contraceptives (CHC) increase the rare but important risk of having a blood clot. The overall risk of a blood clot is small but clots can be serious and [...]