Tests & results

We carry out a range of investigations at the practice – including blood & urine tests, ECG, spirometry, 24 hour blood pressure, and more.

Clinical Need

be prepared

and the results?

NHS Investigations are carried out based on clinical need.

Unless you are invited, we do not carry our routine investigations.

Check out the info below to prepare for your visit.

Ensure we have your contact details & choose a pharmacy

We’re pretty good at getting results back – just a few days.

You can also view results online.

who needs blood tests

how do i get blood tests

but what do my blood test results actually mean?

frequently asked questions

When will I get my results?
You should receive a text message or call within a week of your test. If you haven’t heard from us, give us a call.

Why am I getting more than one message?
Results come back in batches so you may receive multiple messages.

Why am I not getting a message?
Please check with us that we have your correct mobile phone number.

Is there an easier way?
You can go online through your account and see your results there.