Top Ten Tips for applying for medicine 2023

There’s a lot of competition, but here are our top ten tips for applying for medicine 2023. Many parents and students often ask for tips to get into medical school.

Everything has changed since the doctors at the practice studied medicine, so we asked an expert – Nikita to give some advice to budding doctors. She is studying medicine at Imperial. Here are her top 10 tips.

So here are our tips for applying for medicine in 2023!

1) Get an early start. As soon as you begin to consider a potential career in medicine, organise work experience with a GP or hospital.

2) Don’t underestimate other work experience. Medical schools like to see that you’ve contributed to society in other ways to take part in volunteering activities.

3) Get the grades. This is one of the most important success factors when applying for medicine.

4) BMAT and UKCAT. A lot of students will have a perfect set of A levels so entrance exams provide universities with a way to pick the best students.

5) Personal statement. This is often the hardest part for students so make sure you have a few drafts, get people to read them and give you feedback. Get others to have a look at your personal statement but it needs to be your words and be honest. Don’t write what you think should write.

6) Interview. Congratulations! Now you can really impress them so practise, practise, practise. Universities have different formats but they will let you know beforehand. Try to stay calm.

7) Pick the right universities. Everyone likes to look at the league tables while making a decision but remember that all medical schools provide the same quality of education; we all join the NHS after all.

8) Extra. Do a bit of extra reading (if you have time) read up on something that interests you, get involved in scientific research and start learning how to read journals.

9) Round two. If you don’t succeed the first time and you still really want to become a doctor, review your application, ask universities for feedback and try again.

10) Back up. Instead of reapplying for more than two years, pick a related BSc like biochemistry, biomedicine and apply for graduate entry when applying for medicine after you graduate.

We will be running workshops for people who are interested. It will be an opportunity to get some very valuable advice and to meet others who are going through the same experience. If you are interested in asking for more info, get in touch!  Good luck with applying for medicine in 2023. You got this!

Top Ten Tips for applying for medicine 2023

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