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We’re committed to deliver a better relationship with patients which – reaching far wider than an appointment with the clinician. There are 3 key areas which are working on to help deliver this in our innovation labs. We focus on personalised care, wellness and social responsibility. And it’s practice wide effort, lead by our GP Consultants!

Dr Mahmud

GP Consultant

Dr Mahmud has been the lead GP for 16 years at the practice. Leads the personalisation innovation group. Despite his greying hair, he is currently studying an Executive MBA at London Business School and has an interest in the application of Game Theory in healthcare.

Dr Dhir

GP Consultant

Dr Dhir has an interest in teaching and technology. Leads the wellness innovation group. In addition he has a wide range of interests including engraving and playing cool tunes on his electric guitar.

Dr Khaled

GP Consultant

Dr Khaled is an experienced GP with international experience and leads the social responsibility innovation group. She was the first person in our practice to do a webinar.

Dr Yau

GP Consultant

Dr Yau is wise beyond his years. He has an interest in teaching and loves travelling.

Dr Anam

GP Consultant

Dr Anam is not only a GP but has also done a postgraduate diploma in public health and done a PHD. He loves working out and sharing exercise tips.

Dr SHaikh

GP Consultant

Dr Shaikh international experience and was an orthopaedic surgeon. He has an interest in musculoskeletal health.

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