Why is Hiyos a training practice?

We’re a

GP training

practice, which means we have doctors completing their training to

be a


Training GPs


The national shortage of GPs means we need to train up more! We love teaching, which is why are a GP training practice. We have 4 regular GPs who are qualified to teach others.

Not enough GPs

Generally the UK is experiencing a decline in GP numbers, increasing demands, and struggles in recruiting and retaining staff.

GPs have been at the forefront of the NHS’S response to the COVID-19 outbreak, provided vaccines, and maintained care throughout. But there are not enough…

We’re doing out bit

Fortunately, HIYOS loves teaching, and is dedicated to helping doctors who want to become GPs. We hope to do our part in training more GPs, and hopefully resolving the crises that the NHS is experiencing.

Indeed, we’re proud to be training our third round of GP trainees at this time.

In February 2020, the government announced a drive to recruit an additional 6000 GPs by 2024. However, as of 2023, there are two thousand+ fewer full-time GPs compared to 2015. (1)

HIYOS has been involved in teaching for many years, and in 2021, it began the application process of becoming a training practice for GPs. This involved our GPs learning to become postgraduate trainers, and the surgery making adaptations to becoming a postgraduate training environment.

What you should expect if you see a GP trainee

Experienced doctors who have worked in hospital

You should still expect the same care as seeing one of your regular GPs! This includes any investigations/management that your case requires.

By achieving training practice status, we believe that we can enhance the quality of medical care.

It’s important to realize that doctors who want to become GPs have already completed their medical degrees, and have experience working in hospitals. They will usually undergo 3 further years of training to become GPs. Part of these 3 years of training would involve in-practice training, such as that provided by HIYOS. Obviously, permanent GP staff supervise GP trainees. 

Observing & recording

Occasionally, a GP trainee may sit with a GP trainer to observe how we work.

In some cases, a GP trainee may ask for your permission to record a video of the consultation so that they can use the video for their assessments. Of course, though, it’s up to you…you don’t have to agree, and your decision won’t have an impact on your care. If you agree, however, a consent form will be provided. Only trainees and those involved with the assessments view your videos.

As a result of seeing a GP trainee, they get a valuable experience from you, and consequently you help to shape the future for both of you.


1.     https://www.bma.org.uk/advice-and-support/nhs-delivery-and-workforce/pressures/pressures-in-general-practice-data-analysis

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