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Remote working


Are you tired of staring at the same four walls each day? Feeling less connected to people? Struggling to switch off at the end of the workday?


Well, congratulations, you have officially got a membership to the not-so-exclusive work-from-home club. 80% believe that working from home has negatively impacted their mental health (Nuffield Health, 2020).


Being aware of the challenges of working from home can help you think of how you look for signs of when things are not right and fix it.

Remote working – the struggle is real

For many, recent years have been a huge alteration not just to their work life, but their home life too. 34% of people said they are struggling to separate their work and home life (Nuffield Health,2020). Perhaps stronger locks on the office door are in order to prevent the kids from getting in or the laptop from getting out?!

But for some, it goes further than just working a little late. 25% of people have said they are struggling with the isolation and the loneliness that seems to accompany home working (Nuffield Health, 2020).

Perhaps they live alone and were told to stay at home for almost a year, having only their own company to entertain them? Or perhaps they live with a vulnerable person, so they had to be extra cautious about who they saw outside of the home? Either way, we can barely begin to imagine the struggle.

Remote working and strained relationships

34% of people said that being at home so much placed a strain on their relationships, including with their children. Balancing full-time work with children’s needs is a hardship many have had to face. When you add homeschooling into the mix, it’s nearly impossible! It’s a struggle that is bound to take a toll on the relationships built in the home environment.

Perhaps, more than just 34% of home workers should’ve been offered support from their employers (RSPH, 2021), to help navigate these challenges? But despite the negatives, 74% of people said they would like to split their time between the office and home (RSPH,2021).

Perhaps that little bit of extra time with family and the shorter commute has been a blessing for many after all!

34% of people thought that working from home resulted in a strain on their relationship


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