Patient Rep


In order to make the support you need more customised, we have separate support for different groups of people. Here is a breakdown of groups we will be supporting.

Families, kids and youngsters

antenatal care, mums and babies and not forgetting the dads!

Working age people & students

Looking after yourself when you’re busy at work or studying is tough, We’ll help. We also plan to have better relationship with schools and colleges.

People with long term conditions

Optimise treatment of those with conditions such as hypertension and diabetes holistically rather than just medication.

Older people

Support physical and mental health of those aged over 70 and their carers.

Vulnerable people

Those who have learning disabilities, homeless, vulnerable migrants and sex workers.

People with mental health conditions

Wide group of those with low mood to severe mental health such s schizophrenia. Includes those with dementia.

We share information which relates to you.

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