Your pregnancy & new baby

Your pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy. We’ll be there every step of the way!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We’ve loads of info for you, just take a look at the information below – click on the picture and you can follow the links in it. Or scroll to the bottom and download the information.

There’s even a really useful app you can download…..

For more about what happens in each trimester, and plenty more information, take a look at

Your new baby

Here’s some useful stuff for after you’ve had your new bundle of joy…

When your baby is around 8 weeks old, you’ll be invited for a baby check with one of our clinicians. Dr Dhir explains more below, and it’s also when the baby’s immunisations will be carried out. Our nurse Rahma explains more about the immunisations below. They will usually happen at the same appointment as your baby’s 8 week check …

And for more useful info and advice, about your pregnancy and new baby, check out some videos from our Hiyos YouTube channel below….

For more on pregnancy check out the articles below…

Your options for giving birth in North West London

This useful booklet outlines where you can choose¬†from a number of maternity units. Giving Birth in North West London Information Booklet The NHS in North West London is dedicated to ensuring that women have access to the highest possible quality of care, wherever they choose to give birth. Recently we have concentrated our staff and […]

My Story of Mental Health Illness during pregnancy

this video demonstrates mental health illness during pregnancy. More needs to be done to raise awareness. Miss Louise M Page Consultant Obstetrician & Project Lead Perinatal Mental Health Community Education Provider Network Here is an infographic which shows the challenges in delivering care for women with mental health problems in pregnancy.