GP Services

We provide a full range of NHS GP services. We are an NHS teaching practice committed to developing clinicians who offer the best for our patients. Have a look below at just some of our GP services.

Disabled access
Premises are wheelchair accessible & purpose built for disabled patients – we’ve
a lowered reception desk, computer access point & disabled toilet. We’ve a hearing loop for those with hearing impairment, & braille signage. Please speak to staff if you need further help.
The practice ensures that it treats all patients & visitors equally, with dignity & respect. Furthermore, will not tolerate any discrimination against anyone for reason of age, gender, marital status, race, ethnicity, disability, medical condition, social class, appearance, sexual orientation, religion or belief.
We aim to provide the best service we can, and we welcome feedback! If you wish to comment on any aspect of our service, please let our practice manager know (
Home visits
Home visits are for the house-bound/ patients too ill to come to the surgery. If you need a visit let us know before 10am.
Interpretation services
We can arrange interpretation services for patients who don’t speak English. Fortunately, we can do this at the same time if you have a phone appointment. However, if your appointment is in person we need at least 48 hours’ notice.

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Out of hours
If you require medical attention or advice outside surgery hours please call 111.
Patient rights and responsibilities
Patients have a right to be treated with respect and courtesy- and at the same time practice staff expect the same. Your personal info will be held in confidence by staff. You’ll be seen by your preferred doctor where possible. Please attend appointment times promptly/inform us if you can’t attend 24 hours in advance.
Personal contact details
Please tell us your mobile number & email to improve communication from the practice. If you change email, name, address, or phone number please tell us. Name changes must be backed by supporting docs.
Personal health info
Patients have the right to expect that the practice will hold their personal info in confidence. Sometimes the practice puts together statistics to support audit & research; it will keep patient info anonymous whenever possible. You’ll be free to decline to participate in research studies if you wish, and there will be no impact on your medical care.
Primary healthcare team
The clinical and admin staff work together as a team, so we can coordinate high standards of care. Every team member plays an important and valuable role in allowing the practice to run efficiently. Many tasks that doctors used to do can now done by the nurse practitioner, practice nurse, healthcare assistant or physician associate, all of whom have a wealth of medical expertise. In short, this allows more time for the GP to concentrate on more difficult cases. In addition, the doctor may arrange for you to have follow up appointments with other members of the team.
We are keen to hear what our patients have to say and want to involve patients in the development of our services. Please ask at reception if you are interested in joining our PPG, or email
Urgent care
The local Urgent Care Centre is at West Middlesex University Hospital, Twickenham Road, Isleworth TW7 6AF
Zero tolerance
threatening behaviour, attacks on staff or the general public, or damage to surgery property will result in patients being removed from the practice list. In addition, the police may be contacted.