Tests & results

We can carry out many investigations (tests) at the practice and will share the results with you as soon as we get them, Usually the same day.

This includes tests such as bloods, urine, stool, cervical smears, ECGs, scans and X-rays. Unfortunately, we cannot refer for MRI scan or CT Scans.


NHS investigations are based on clinical need and have to be authorised by a clinician. We are happy to discuss your need for a test if you call between 0800-1000 Monday to Friday.

Sometimes we may invite you for a test. We as a practice are committed to keeping you well so we may invite you in for screening tests such as cervical smears.


Most of the tests are done at the practice. However, sometimes we can arrange them to be done elsewhere. Blood tests in children under the age of 14 are done at a special local clinic and at home for those who are housebound.

Scans and X-rays are done at the hospital. Referrals for scans need to meet strict criteria, based on clinical need, otherwise they will be rejected. It usually takes a few weeks for the appointment and the hospital contact you directly. You can usually get an x-ray done the same day but it takes a few days to get the report back.

If you worried about a possible broken bone, you will need to go to A&E.

So what happens?

Once your test has been authorised, please do ensure that you prepare for it. Make sure your contact details are up to date and ensure that you have a nominated pharmacy. That way we will be able to send you a text message with your results and if necessary we can send any necessary medication after your test results straight to your pharmacy. You can also see your results online.

We often advise blood tests, urine tests and stool tests. What happens when you’ve had your test? Where do the test results go? After your appointment, it normally takes about 3 days to get the results back, and we’ll send you a text. Sometimes it can be quicker or longer, depending on the amount we have or whether there are any backlogs at the lab. If you find that your results are taking longer than usual, get in touch and we’ll look into why this could be happening.

You should receive a text message or call within a week of your test. If you haven’t heard from us, give us a call. We’ll send a text message with your results, but you can also view your results online.

Although your test results might be satisfactory, you may want to discuss them. If so, give us a call between 1200-1300 Tuesday to Thursday and you can speak to a clinician.

Why am i getting more than one text message with my blood test results?

Results come back in batches so you may receive multiple messages.

Why have I not received a message with my test results?

If you have not heard from us within 5 days have having your test, please do contact us between 1200-1300 Tuesday to Thursday. We may not have up to date contact details for you.

How can I see my test results?

You can register online. It’s pretty easy. Just call option 5 at any time and we can help you.

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