Registering with a GP

You’d like to register with a GP? So pick us!

What are we all about?

We are Hiyos (Healthy in your own skin), a GP practice in Hounslow, in West London. We’re a pretty innovative practice constantly striving to ensure that patients have the best healthcare possible.

We do this in lots of ways from the way we book appointments, to the webinars we run, such as work experience! We hope to make the best impact possible on your healthcare.


We register patients from the postcodes TW3, 4, 5, 7 and it is quite simple to register with us all you need to do is to fill in an online registration form. SystmOnline Self Registration (


We need no proof of ID or address and we do not need the form printed. Wait for our phone call! We aim to complete your registration within a week of you submitting the form. 

So what happens next?

Please ensure that when you are filling in the form, that you put all of your data in correctly as issues with your registration i.e incorrect date of birth, or address can delay you being assigned your NHS number. Please give us a call if you have any issues are wondering about where your registration is in the system. We will call you twice and if you do not answer, we will leave a voicemail and the registration will be deleted – and you will have to do it again so please do bear that in mind.

Once the registration has been completed, we will ask you if you are on any current repeat medications, your vaccination status and whether or not you have an established diagnosis of any health conditions. If you do have any medications or diagnosis’ we will book you for a new patient health check, to do a blood test, urine test and BP check. (293) Your Registration – YouTube

If this is your first GP in the UK you will be sent a letter in the post with your NHS number from the health authorities, please keep this letter safe as you need your NHS number later on.  

The new patient registration experience…

Once registered we can book you in to show you around the practice either in person or online. The welcome session are generally held on a Thursday afternoon. You can join this once you have registered or thinking of joining.

This is our version of a ‘welcome’ and a ‘thank you’ for choosing to register with us. Join us in a group consultation in which you will meet a series of clinicians such as a nurse and a GP.

There will be a group of different people who have all registered, and members of our team will give a series of introductions on who we are and how you navigate our system.

Make sure that you bring documentation of medication, vaccines or letters you have from abroad because then we can process your existing needs quickly. so we can ensure that you can all attend and make the best impact possible on the future of your healthcare. Don’t worry if you have anything significant to discuss, we will advise you on the next steps.

Frequently asked questions

I’m used to a different healthcare system. What is a GP?

A GP also known as a general practitioner is kind of a generalist doctor. Think of them as the gateway to other specialist services. They will be the first to see you, organise tests for you, issue prescriptions for you, and look after you if you have long term conditions. GPs work with a community of different people to help you in the best way possible, these people include clinical pharmacists, healthcare assistants, nurses and non-clinical admin and many more. They try to work in harmony to offer you the best care.

Can I register with you if I don’t live in TW3,TW4, TW5 or TW7

Unfortunately not. You’ll have to register with a GP practice nearer to where you live.

Do I need to provide Proof of ID?


Do I need to print the registration form out and bring it in?

No, you can just submit it online. Save the trees!

I’m arrived from abroad, what should I do?

Once you have registered with us online, you can bring your vaccine record, details of medication, and any other medical letter with you to your first appointment.

Yes! All new patients are offered a free health check.

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