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Equality for all

So let’s talk about us for a moment. At Hiyos we believe in equality.  Opportunities we’re given in life, choices we make, the support we receive: they all have a huge impact on our physical, mental and social health. Sadly not everyone gets the same opportunities, choices and support. We’re passionate about tackling those health inequalities. 

At HIYOS not only do we react to patients’ needs, we also reach out to people in every community.

Together, we can make a difference.


We’re really fortunate to have some amazing people both clinical and admin who all work together to help you not only get all the services you would expect in general practice, but go beyond. We work with other people including hospitals, the council and voluntary sector, locally and nationally.

We work with the best people to bring you the services, if you are a local NHS patient or someone who wants to attend our webinars anywhere at all.


Staff in our practice work in teams on innovation projects. We test and try new ways of working and evaluate the results. In fact that’s probably one of the things about us that stands us apart.

Over recent years we have developed systems to set up and test innovative ways of delivering care. Indeed, we love exploring and have a great team with complimentary skills to explore health, beyond traditional borders. We have even presented our work locally, nationally and internationally.

we work in 3 ways

We test and try both different ways of thinking about the work we do, as well as ways of doing it. As long as something fits with our core principles of health equality, wellness and socially responsibility, we’ll give it a go!

We deliver a number of ways in additional to the traditional model of care by having both small and large group consultations both in person and online. We are happy to go out to places such as external events and schools.


Our practice has done numerous patient research which has resulted in improvement of patient care. Our recent surveys have resulted in over 2,000 responses in a few days.

We are now working with our research partners to get publications.

We are an accredited teaching practice, with an environment to support learning and development. We have supported a wide range of clinical and non-clinical staff in achieving their learning and career aims.

All delivered – by fab people!!!

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