Beyond Healthcare

We are an NHS GP practice in West London, delivering responsive, empathetic and straight-talking care. We pride ourselves on doing things a little differently, exploring possibilities to improve patients’ lives beyond traditional healthcare. Take a look…

We work hard to help you become and remain well. Why not explore some of our tips below?

Healthy Body

We share tips from experts on how to improve your diet and exercise. We can help you think about making small changes. From planning to actually making a change. No matter how small. Check out our short videos. We’re with you, every step of the way! Learn more here —>

Healthy Mind

It has been a pretty difficult time for us all in the last few years. Winter is coming and we expect this one to be difficult for many. Our staff and other experts will share their insights on how to stay ‘mentally fit’ and what to do if you need some extra help. Learn more here —>