At HIYOS we offer lots of appointments for GPs and other clinicians. We’ve got some amazing staff. We know it’s tough at present and we work really hard to help.

We take up to 300 calls between 8-10 am but don’t worry! There are plenty of people on hand, so you won’t be waiting long. We can offer a range of appointments, including groups appointments face to face or virtually.

In order for you to receive the best level of care possible, we will do our best to action anything you ask of us when you call.


We have a variety clinicians that can see you ranging from GPs, Trainee GPs, Physician Associate, Clinical Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Specialist diabetic nurse, specialist mental health advisor, social prescribers, practice nurses, healthcare assistant.

They are supported by our well training Care Navigators who will help you find the right person and look after any administrative queries you may have.

We know it is stressful when you or your loved ones are unwell, we all work together to get the help you need quickly.


You can have your appointment face to face, on the phone or in an online consultation. We generally have moved to face to face consultations.

We have also started offering support to groups of patients. Which is a great way to meet other people and share your experiences. They are fun! We currently have a session for diabetic patients on Monday evening and new patients on Thursday afternoon.

If you have administrative queries you send us an online message. Shortly, you will be able to send us a message on social media or on WhatsApp.

GP Appointments

Other Appointments

We offer a range of other appointments including asthma reviews, smear tests, and diabetic checks. You can book nurse appointments such as dressings and immunisations too.

Just give us a call at any time to book in, option 5 until 1830.

Blood tests

What are they?

Blood tests are one of the most common diagnostic tests that GPs will do and they can tell us a lot! They can tell us if you are low on Vitamin D, whether your diabetic markers are raised, how your cholesterol is doing, and all manner of other useful things.

Who needs them?

Some people will need to have regular blood tests all of their life, for example if they have hypothyroid or diabetes – this is important because medication may need to be amended or stopped. 

Once you have seen the GP they may request for some blood tests to be done, and they will advise you if it is fasting or non-fasting test. If it is a fasting blood test you will have to fast 12 hours before your appointment, so it is advised you have your blood test in the morning. 


If you think that you need a blood test for whatever reason you will need to speak to somebody first by either calling us or sending us a message through one of our portals.

When will I get the results? 

Blood tests, urine tests and stool tests are very common in GP settings and we would normally say that there would be about a 3-day window for those results to come back, but this could be more or less depending on the amount we have or there may be a backlog at the lab. If you find that your results are taking longer than usual to come back then please get in touch and we will be happy to look into why this could be happening. For more information on test results, see Test results.

You will be informed via text message of the results and if there are any issues we will be in contact or inform you on how to best contact us. Even if your results are satisfactory just give us a call between 12-1 Tuesday to Thursday and there is a dedicated line where our GP’s take your calls and can help you with what questions you need to ask.

Please also note that there may be several messages with different results, different blood tests may come back at different times.

If you have changed your number recently, make sure you change this with the practice because we may need to contact you post results

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