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Straight talking webinars

Straight talking webinars, getting to the heart of the matter.

Newspapers. Articles. Friends’ opinions. Online forums. When it comes to your wellbeing, you need something more. You want to hear from the experts. Hiyos Live runs webinars for that. It puts tough questions to those in the know, starting honest conversations about what’s really going on when it comes to the social, mental and physical issues affecting your health.

What are the webinars?

On point – short and make sense
Connecting – directly with experts
Right now – either live or on social media

Why do them?

Research shows that the biggest factors for poor health are opportunities for work, education and the environment. We want to do our bit to make a difference

Research shows that the major determinants of poor health are around equal opportunities around work, employment and education. So we’re doing out bit.

Marmot Review, 10 Years on. Institute of Health Equity

NHS work experience


Did you know that employment is linked to good health? A 10% increase in employment increases life expectancy by 5 years!

If you’re a student, thinking of volunteering or considering a change in career and thinking about joining the NHS, why not learn more in one of our events: our 3 day intensive work experience programme, from expert speakers and a digital health project.

We are also running regular afternoon webinars on NHS work experience topics, which you can drop in and out of as you like. Sign up to the whole programme or just the individual sessions that suit you!

Education for kids


Did you know that education is linked to your health? Those with higher levels of education, on average live 4 years longer than those with lowest levels. It is best to start early.

We want learning to be fun and we have put together a programme for kids to learn about how the body works. Best of all it is in the metaverse so you can see inside a human body. All are delivered by expert clinicians. You don’t need a headset, just any laptop, computer or phone will do.

NHS Net zero


Did you know that the environment is linked to your health? Every year, environmental factors cause 13 million deaths a year. 90% of the population breathes polluted air. The NHS plans to be Net Zero carbon emissions by 2045.

Join us on our webinars to learn what you can do. Patients and NHS staff are welcome. We all have to do our bit for the next generation.

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